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Project Spotlight

Photo of Cindy Dovinh

“Kickstart Coding delivered on commitment to value, education, and passion.”

- Cindy Dovinh, 2018 Alumni

Cindy and four of her fellow Kickstart Coding graduates brought together their tech skills and passion for social good to extend their group final project into Virtual Curbside. This interactive donation portal raised $10,000+ for a San Francisco-based food pantry, when the unhealthy air-quality due to the Camp Fires prevented normal operations.

Featured Projects

See the amazing final projects our students planned, coded, then launched to the world.

We are incredibly proud of and continually impressed by our Kickstart Coding students and graduates. Our curriculum includes one group project per course (Backend, Frontend), and one solo project, and each time our students have risen to the occasion.

Screenshot of Send-a-Postcard


Send-a-Postcard is a fully realized, functioning web app and business which allows users to pay $2 to customize and send a post-card to anyone, complete with a selection of fun meme-inspired images.

Tech stack: JavaScript, React, Node, Express, and MongoDB

Students: Marisa Y., Thu T., Andrew T., Reuben P.

Screenshot of Project Tracker

Project Tracker

Manage on-going construction projects in a way that keeps your clients happy.

Tech stack: JavaScript, React, Express, and MongoDB

Students: Anthony S., Lisa H., Stacey H., Jesse W.

Screenshot of Quiet Share

Quiet Share

An app for whistle-blowers to discretely share files with journalists.

Tech stack: Python, Django, HTML/CSS, and Postgres.

Students: Kyle P., Joe C., Mickle N.


Read what students have to say about Kickstart Coding

Junior Frontend Developer @ GeoEx

“I couldn't have afforded the time or money to take a traditional bootcamp. I came out the other end as a web developer – with a new job.”

“I come from a zero-tech background. I wanted to build an app. Michael said he could teach me that, so I signed up.

I'm not going to lie. This bootcamp was hard. For a tech newbie with a full-time job and family, the time commitment is intense. I was often frustrated. I cried, a lot. I secretly thought that I shouldn't have been admitted to the course.

But I came out the other end as a web developer – with a new job. That hadn't even been my goal, and you couldn't find anybody more surprised than me!

I couldn't have afforded the time or money to take a traditional bootcamp. I never would have tried. Kickstart Coding made it possible for me to learn these skills, and it's no exaggeration to say that it changed the trajectory of my career, and possibly my life. Michael is an excellent and engaging teacher, as are TA's Maddy and Mark, and I owe them a debt of gratitude.

5 stars for Kickstart – well worth your money.”

Anthony Sifontes

San Francisco
Software Engineer @ Amino

“I eventually received an offer to be a Software Engineer at an exciting healthcare start-up, and only 11 weeks into the program.”

“My career thus far had been in data analytics. I wanted to transition to a developer role and ultimately be able to create and turn my ideas into reality. I had not taken any coding courses before this, only online tutorials and books, so I was not sure what to expect. Class after class, I was blown away by the passion Michael and his team brought to each and every lesson! The classes were lively, balanced between lecture, demonstrations, guided coding activities, and group work, while still being accessible to a wide range of experience levels.

A couple of months into the course, I started applying for developer positions, and soon I was excited to be invited for a round of on-site interviews. Michael was very supportive, coaching me on how to best present my work experience, and guiding me through a mock "whiteboard" interview. Every interview was more challenging than the last, but all of the coaching and prep received at Kickstart beforehand was critical to my moving forward in the process. You can imagine my excitement when I eventually received an offer to be a Software Engineer at an exciting healthcare start-up, and only 11 weeks into the program! Now, I've been at my new position for several months, and I love it. The work we did in class was instrumental in preparing me for my new day-to-day duties. I'm very thankful to the Kickstart Coding team and the help they provided in transitioning to my new software engineering career.”

Sales Engineer @ Okta

“I walked into Kickstart Coding to brush up on my skills. I left with a new career.”

Now that I am on the other side, have landed a job, and am now working with developers I can honestly say that Kickstart is a quality program. They take a modern approach to teaching and teach what's current in an adapting industry (also what stacks companies are hiring for!).

Michael covered CS concepts in an incredibly accessible way for a diverse classroom with different levels of experience. The course material was the perfect balance of providing introductory guidance and challenge. Group projects exposed us to the challenges of working in a development team and we continued to build on new iterations of our personal projects.

It's a privilege to have been a part of such a fantastic community, and I'm excited to see it grow. Amazing how such a short time can change your life, if you're considering taking the plunge, DO IT!

Knowledge Base Manager @ Synapse

“I got a job offer within 30 days of completing my 4 month summer cohort.”

“I was looking for a place to learn Python, JavaScript, and how to work with APIs to increase my skills, and make myself more marketable as a former jack of all trades website manager. I was quite familiar with the coding bootcamps in the Bay Area, as a friend of mine helped start one in San Francisco. When I searched around for programs and found Kickstart Coding, I couldn't find one that could beat it's overall value through affordability, flexibility, and course offerings. I was able to build three strong projects in Github (along with other projects) and an online portfolio. I got a job offer within 30 days of completing my 4 month summer cohort. I also more than tripled my income from my previous job as a non-profit communications manager. I am grateful to have gone through Kickstart Coding, and for the ongoing support beyond graduation through the teachers and alumni group.

Senior Software Test Engineer @ Dolby

“Kickstart Coding gave me the key skills I needed to advance my career.”

I needed a career boost and Kickstart delivered. From the start, I was impressed by my interactions with the program’s staff. Although I was looking specifically for Python instruction, the additional material in the back-end course turned out to be extremely relevant. The class work was challenging but well-differentiated for students with varying levels of programming experience. And I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and work with everyone in my cohort.

During my job hunting and interviewing, I regularly reflected on things I learned in the program. There were times when I literally could hear Michael's voice in my head while I answered interview questions. Although my previous skills also helped me land my current position, there's no doubt that Kickstart Coding gave me the key skills I needed to advance my career.”

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