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Our popular end-to-end, coding academy experience, now available as a hands-on video program!

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Kickstart Coding Video Program

  • 75+ hours of course videos
  • 200+ activities & mini-projects
  • 50+ cheat-sheets & study guides
  • E-book included! - Kickstart Career is a 94 page guide-book to the tech job hunt, crammed with expert tips from industry veterans
  • Easy Study Plan Creator - New in 2024! A "smart" calendar assistant that assigns you due dates based based on your goals and skill-level

Tried-and-true curriculum

For 6 years, our in-person and hybrid school has guided 100s of students to build apps, unlock their creative potentials, or find fulfilling professions in Silicon Valley, and beyond.

In 2024, we're proud to announce the Kickstart Coding Virtual Coding Academy. This means you can take our same tried-and-true bootcamp program, but with the flexibility and (and affordability!) format yet!

Five-star rated school*

» The flexible route to job-ready

“A flexible bootcamp program for serious learners to become job-ready for a new career in tech, [...] so that even if ‘life happens’, you won't get left behind!

Want to learn more about how we developed the Kickstart Coding Custom Paced program? Watch our launch event!


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Kickstart Prework

Learn how to learn. Use "Smart Scheduling" to make a bootcamp program and boot up a "Linux Lab". Then, immerse yourself in a coding tour-de-force, with tastes of HTML, CSS, JS, Linux, Bash, and Lua.

□ □ □

Project based learning: Prework Journal
Module Count: 3


Practical Django

Learn the best practices from an experienced Django developer: MVC, CRUD, forms, urls, users, admin, models, data cardinality (eg Many-To-Many), unit testing, and much more.

▣ ▣ □

Project based learning: Multi-user shareable DB-driven dashboard
Module Count: 6


Thinking in React

In this hooks-based React course segment, you go beyond just learning the JSX syntax, and practice "thinking in React" with data-flow, lifting state, and more.

▣ ▣ ▣

Project based learning: Data Viz SPA in React JS
Module Count: 6