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Schedule an enrollment interview to see if the program is a good fit.

2. We create your course

Once accepted into our custom online platform, dive deep with your advisor: Create a personalized academic schedule to stay on-track.

3. Learn to code

We combine video lectures and graded project work with weekly one-on-one tutoring and live review sessions. Learn modern tech such as Python and React JavaScript, and how to think like a software engineer.

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Kickstart Fundamentals - 1.1 - HTML

Platform Specialist @ Amplitude

“Thanks to the skills I learned at Kickstart Coding, I was able to market myself for entry-level positions in the tech industry.”

“When I started Kickstart Coding, I had very few programming skills and no prior work experience in tech. It was a huge leap for me and it literally changed my life! Kickstart Coding is more affordable than most coding bootcamps and the curriculum is top-notch while having a lot of repeat value. [...] I am blown away by how much I learned since my first day at Kickstart Coding; from my first HTML file all the way to navigating complex frameworks and implementing APIs. This program not only gave me the technical skills required for a career in tech -- it helped me recognize the potential and capacity I have for learning.”


Curriculum developed in Silicon Valley, delivered to you

  In-demand topics: Learn full-stack development with Python, React JavaScript (ES6+), Django, SQL, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, computer science fundamentals, and more

  Nothing is out-sourced: You'll learn from highly-paid, locally hired developers with experience at top companies including Facebook and Microsoft

  Proven curriculum: Our students have gone on to land coveted tech jobs, including roles at Facebook, Google, and Lyft


It's your bootcamp experience from start to finish

  Keep things personal: We only accept a few students at a time -- we're going for that "boutique" feel!

  Flexible: Total newbie, and only 10 hours a week? We'll create a plan to make it work. Ready to dive-in full-time? We'll make sure you stay challenged!


Invest in your skills without breaking the bank

  Compare us: By using 1:1 teaching, we achieve the same results as the other coding bootcamps, at less than 50% the cost

  Honest pricing: No costly ISA loans with pages of fine-print - Instead, we offer both simple up-front packages, and "pay as you go" bimonthly plans

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  Free Sample

Apply now and "audit" a video class for free!

Kickstart Fundamentals - 1.1 - HTML