Learn more about what makes our online program so unique.

Our Curriculum

Learn the most in-demand technology. The San Francisco Bay Area tech scene stays cutting-edge, and our curriculum reflects that.

We also believe learning should be deeper than just tech buzzwords. We teach you how to think like a software engineer, with hands-on, real-world projects, all geared to prepare you for a full-stack position.


  • Python
  • JavaScript (ES6)


  • React
  • Django
  • React Router
  • Bootstrap


  • MVC
  • OOP

    Tools & DBMS

  • Bash
  • Git
  • Webpack
  • Postgres
  • Sqlite

    Web concepts

  • API
  • ORM
  • Templating
  • Static sites
  • Single page apps


  • Whiteboarding
  • Algorithms / CS

Note: Some topics might be substituted as needed to better match industry demand.

Our Bootcamp Programs

We are currently offering two bimonthly Tutoring Subscriptions, three Bootcamp Packages, and a small library of in-depth video courses.

Ready to learn the Full Stack? Pick the package that fits your budget and time-frame, and we'll take care of the rest!

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Watch our info session

Ready for a deep dive? Check out this live recording of one of our first informational events. This was recorded near the end of 2020.

Our lead instructor Michael gives a presentation on a little bit of Kickstart Coding's history and the "magic" that goes into our courses, the process we used to develop our unique online coding program, and in the end, answers questions from the audience and demos our custom learning management system.

How we compare

Are you considering other options, such as taking a "remote" bootcamp, or guiding yourself in a self-paced course? Here's what makes our approach so different.

Custom-Paced Other "remote" bootcamps Self-paced online course
Lectures  (Pre-recorded)  (Live-streamed)  (Pre-recorded)
Project feedback
Live review sessions
Advisor to keep you on track
1:1 tutoring  (Most do not
offer 1:1 tutoring)
Customized to fit your time and needs  (Typically requires
30-60 hours per week)
Affordable  ($499 - $4,500)  ($9,000 - $30,000)  ($10 - $100)

Why Custom-Paced?

Our custom-paced approach is unique. For many learners, self-teaching with self-paced courses simply doesn't cut it, and courses with remote live lectures are too expensive. Not only that, we found that remote students don't benefit as much out of attending live online classes, but instead learn much more from weekly 1:1 tutoring. If you're struggling with self-teaching, and want to avoid the costly tuition or ISA loans required for a full-time bootcamp, kickstart your custom-paced coding journey with us today!

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