Success in Silicon Valley and beyond

Read on for testimonials and projects from our students. We are incredibly proud of how our students studied hard using our curriculum, and put in the time and dedication to earn positions at the globally prestigious companies listed below. Some of our most ambitious students were even able to land highly-competitive, intermediate and senior-level engineering positions, soon after completing our career coaching program.

We teach you the professional and technical skills necessary for you to thrive. It's possible for you to land your dream job, and we've seen our past students learn the material and debut in the tech industry. But above all we strive to be honest: Big changes in your career path, while possible, never come easy.

Logos of Companies, left to right: Google, Lyft, Dolby, Microsoft, NASA, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple


Whether you aim to build brand new skills, or get a new career, let's be honest: Learning to coding simply takes hard work, lots of studying, and more than a little messing up and trying again (actually, a lot!). However, we believe that with our guidance we can help you maximize the time and hard work, and help you earn a new skill, and launch a new career or job! Our graduates provided us the testimonials and reviews below as examples of how they put in the hard work and dedication to succeed in our program, gaining new skills and job titles as a result.